What is SEO & SEM

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Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1507165728436{padding-bottom: 30px !important;}”]Search Engine Marketing – SEM refers to paid search ads commonly referred to as PPC or pay per click.  Google Adwords is the most popular SEM platform followed by Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads.  Alpha 3 Marketing Group optimizes paid search ads based on consumer demographic, industry, competition, search traffic and other proprietary methods.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO refers to organic or natural traffic.  The search engines have algorithms, which will crawl websites and determine which websites are the most relevant.  Search engine queries are based around user experience so naturally the most relevant websites will show first.  A solid SEO campaign will rank websites based on a host of factors including but not limited to inbound links, outbound links, content, blogs, sitemaps and much more.[/vc_column_text]

Search Engine Services We Provide

Search Engine Marketing

Custom optimized search engine marketing campaigns on Google, Bing & Yahoo centered around the firms unique revenue goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic ranking on Google, Bing, & Yahoo.  Our White Hat SEO campaigns are tier based depending on ranking goals and complexity of the firm, website and or industry.

Website Audit

Our team will audit your website for strengths and weaknesses along with your SEO ranking report and SEM strategy report.

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