Alpha 3 Marketing Group Founder Gives Back to Alma Mater

Alpha 3 Marketing Group Founder Gives Back to Alma Mater

scholarshipAlpha 3 Marketing Group – Undergraduate Scholarship

Recent graduate of the University of Utah’s Eccles School of Business and local marketing executive, Deric San Juan, recently established the Alpha 3 Marketing Group Undergraduate Scholarship. The yearly award will go to a promising young business/marketing student based upon merit and financial need. Students with a strong academic history that demonstrate a commitment to business administration and community development will be considered.

Education & Scholarship Needs

Deric understands the invaluable importance of an education; specifically, the value of having a diploma behind ones name. He never let adversity stand in the way of his goals, as he balanced work with an academic schedule. As a result, he understanding the pressures firsthand and hopes to ease that burden on the next generation. Throughout his undergraduate career at WSU and his graduate studies at the University of Utah, Deric never lost sight of his true goals. He utilized his discipline working as a sales executive early in his career. Eventually, he developed his own successful boutique strategy and marketing advisement group. The principles of his company have never been about the “bottom line.”  Instead, his hope is to “empower others to achieve their goals,” says Deric.

Giving Back

Deric recognizes the importance of giving back and helping a young student achieve her or his goals. He has pledged to donate more in the coming years and expand the scope of the scholarship. Eventually, he would like this to transition his efforts into a foundation. Above all, the goal is to provide funds for scholastic achievement in the liberal arts and STEM research fields.

For now, the reoccurring donation will help the school in attracting more young talent. The hope is that they will go off, succeed in their respective fields, and one day make contributions of their own. Deric is keenly aware of this “multiplier effect” and is looking forward to helping The Utes build upon their excellent traditions.


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