Brand Management

Brand Management

Creative solutions coupled with new ways to impact consumer behavior is the center of most marketing campaigns. With this in mind, whether your creative assets need a complete rebuild or just some modification, Alpha 3 Marketing Group will help take your business to new creative heights.

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  • Alpha 3 Marketing Group have been AMAZING to work with! They completely changed the look and feel of my website so now it is 100 times better and more professional. My logo is beautiful and actually informs customers of what my business is about. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found this company and am so excited to see how much my company will grow with their help.

    Cearra Richardson - Google Review
  • Over 16 years of running a business and never felt we got what we paid for with advertising and engaging our market audience. So you can image I was very skeptical about spending any money on advertising . Alpha 3 is a different kind of beast, they tailored everything around us, they proved what they do works , and I would highly recommend this company to any small or large company looking to expand or engage with their target audience. Top notch service from Deric and his team has changed my option greatly on what a good advertising team can do.

    Ryan Vickers - Google Review
  • Deric and his team have made sure to keep us achieving top sales conversions by driving the right traffic through our PPC campaigns. A true professional with lots to offer any company that wants to run a sophisticated and properly executed Pay Per Click Campaign.

    Russ Witt - Google Review

Brand Management Services We Provide

The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.

-Steve Jobs

Target Market

Most industries have a particular target market such as millennials or baby boomers. Knowing your target market creates a cost advantage as resources are allocated to target the right consumer.


Brand management is a key component of a firms overall marketing strategy. Some of the more popular forms of brand management include sponsorships, signage, commercials, packaging and logos.


Branding strategy will vary on the industry and the needs and goals of the firm. In general, our marketing executives will generate a strategic campaign baed on location, target market, industry, budget, type of media used, etc.


Advertising is the media associated with the branding or other marketing campaign in an attempt to influence the buyer into making a purchase or informational decision. Advertisements in any media are designed to capture the users attention and promote intent.


One of our main goals is to keep our clientele ahead of the competition. This is partially done through strategic innovation. Out of the box innovation can create a competitive advantage. With that in mind we encourage unorthodox branding campaigns.


The heart of brand management is awareness. Top of mind awareness is paramount to most big brands. A good example would be Amazon. When consumers want to purchase an item online, more often then not he or she will search on Amazon as a part of their buying experience. This is largely due to the years of building brand equity and awareness.